Be Vshow Friend Start To Earn Commission


Open your Tiktok Shop(this is a necessary step

(if you have a shop then go to step 2)

Go to [Profile]--- > Click on【≡】button ---> [Creator tools]--- > [TikTok Shop for Creator]--- > Submit &Confirm Your account information in the coming page--- > Add tax info--- > Wait for the review result

Step 2. Add products to showcase

Add our products to your showcase by invitation or searching from product marketplace

Go to [Profile]--- > Click on【】button ---> [Creator tools]--- > [TikTok Shop for Creator]

A: Add our products to your showcase by invitation 

Check your 'Direct invites' in the notification center. You can see the Vshowhair invitation and products--- >.Accept this invites --- >Done

B:Or Add products by searching from product marketplace

Click product marketplace --- >Enter Vshowhair   in search bar --- >.Add the correct Product --- >Done

No video is needed in this Process

Step 3.

Link products to your videos(Step 2 is needed)

Before you publish your videos, click Add link, and click Product.  This will pull up all the products in your Product Showcase.--- > Add Vshow PRODUCTS to Your video --- > Done