all about our factoryVSHOW HAIR always believes that good quality products and services can be exchanged for the trust of our customers. We will introduce you to the production team behind the healthy and natural wigs.

    the factory

Our factory is a mature factory with many years of experience in making wigs. Most of our employees are adult women, where workers use modern safe and healthy production processes in a clean and bright environment. Every product that is handled by the equipment has strict quality requirements for each production process, and strives to make products that are naturally smooth and not easy to knot and satisfy customers.

the material

The raw materials used in our factory are all acquired high-quality human hair. The raw materials are carefully selected. In the production process, no harmful chemicals are added. In the production process, the stratum corneum of the hair should be kept intact. Prevent hair tangles from growing the life of the wig, the product is absolutely healthy and safe, so that you can use it with confidence, it will not cause damage to your scalp and hair. The wig, made by real people is also smoother and more natural, soft and not tangled, easy to wear when worn, and very beautiful people with a sense of radiance.

the price

VSHOW HAIR is directly connected to the factory that processes wigs. It is a brand directly for consumers. The cost saved in the middle allows us to give consumers the best price concessions. Our aim is to ensure the quality of wigs is perfect. Each of our customers offers low-cost, high-quality products and the best customer service, so that more women in the world who are addicted to having good hair can show their beauty.

the packaging

We adhere to the principles of environmental protection, using environmentally friendly plastic bags and reusable paper boxes to package our products, not only to avoid squeezing during transportation, but also to store you during use. The VSHOW HAIR allows you to wear it comfortably.

In the entire production and operation process of the VSHOW HAIR, from the receipt of raw materials to the receipt of goods by customers, every link is to satisfy customers, and use the most healthy raw materials and modern production techniques to make products that satisfy customers. The comfort is also the driving force for our continuous progress.