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Fantastic Christmas Party Hairstyles for You

13 Dec 2019 0 Comments
Fantastic Christmas Party Hairstyles for You

The lobby is decked with mistletoe and the first snow of the season covers the front yard. Holidays are a period of warmth and joy, but in Christmas gift shopping, party planning, and gift wrapping, it's easy to prepare for a grand evening until the last minute! This year, don't let your hair fall during Christmas chaos. We have compiled our favorite holiday hairstyles and party hairstyles that will keep you festive throughout the new year.


 1.Big curls and sexy waves

Throw clips and hair bands to blend your overall look with round, fluffy curls or small hair Sexy waves. If you want more advantages, try fixing a small portion of hair with hair clips or hair accessories. VSHOW HAIR has perfect body wave wig can give you such feelings.


 2.Holiday Glam Waves

The charming waves of the holiday style drive your big curly hair. These waves are perfect for your office Christmas party, holiday date night, or annual family celebration, and strike the perfect balance between Hollywood antiques and modern style.

This style gets its signature vintage glamour vibe from its inward curls, as opposed to the more modern "Victoria's Secret" wave rolled up from the face. Add some shiny hair clips and you're set.

 3.Headband Updo

Holidays are a good time for hair accessories, such as gold foil hair bands used in party hairstyles. This noble little dress is perfect for New Year's ringtones or spend the night with friends. Feel free to match any headband or hair accessory of your choice! In the case of New Year's Eve, the more flashes the better.

 4.Top Knot

Make your vacation look simple and stylish with a classic yet modern half-top knot. When paired with gorgeous New Year's Eve clothing, some gorgeous waves will make your holiday unforgettable. All you need is a hair band, hair clips, and some hair spray to make your upper and lower hairs look perfectly cluttered and wavy. Pair your killer holiday outfits and accessories for a glamorous look.


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