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How To Make Your Curls Last Longer

25 Nov 2018 0 Comments
How To Make Your Curls Last Longer

Aside from the conventional look, the super feminine shape or the shape of the girl next door, even the shape of the heroine, can be done with curly hair! Waves can make almost everyone look like a million dollars, and curls can add any style.

Natural curlers can do a lot of experimentation in their own way. The beautiful hair of curly hair is eye-catching. If your hair is soft, it's even better. They always say that some types of hair will never be rolled up. You will prove that they are wrong. The following tips will show you how to keep your curls last longer!

Tip: Keep your curls longer.

  1. Adjust the correct procedure to increase the amount of hair.

Shampoo and conditions:

Remember, curls only last when your hair is light and free. So the first step is to wash your hair. Try a shampoo and conditioner that doesn't aggravate your hair. Otherwise, your curls will flatten in an hour or two. Here, no more hand-held sprays will help you.

Blow dry:

Blowing can really help increase the volume. However, the trick is not to do it in the usual way. Bend down and let your hair hang down. Dry the blower with a blower. When you stand up again, you will notice a big increase in volume!

Be sure to use the hair dryer correctly. The temperature of the hair dryer is not too high. The high temperature of the hair dryer will make the short curly hair look dry and moisture-free and easy to knot, making it harder to comb. The most important point is that the hair dryer should move in the direction of the comb, the hair can be more shiny, and it is not easy to shape.


  1. Get the correct texture

As mentioned earlier, the right product is the key texture! So, buy a good curl or mousse. Use it on wet or dry hair to get the correct texture of the curls. You must also choose a good styling spray to keep the curls longer. Many are made with curly hair. But if you use it on natural straight hair, they will provide extra support for your styling and make your hair last longer!


  1. Regular hair care and prevention of thermal damage.

Damaged hair can never keep curls or look great. If your hair is split or curled, your curls will look irregular. Second, the less curl your hair is, the more beautiful your curly hair looks.

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