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How to Protect Hair from The Summer Sun

11 Jun 2019 0 Comments
How to Protect Hair from The Summer Sun

Summer is a good time to go out and enjoy, you can stroll through the fields of the country, or sunbathe on the beach by the sea. However, on hot summer days, the sun shines directly on the ground, not just the skin, we also need to protect our hair. Because intense ultraviolet radiation can also cause great damage to our hair. In order to avoid the dryness, yellowness and loss of vitality of the hair after the exposure, there are some simple remedies to make your hair as perfect as possible from the sun.

Avoid heat treatment: In the case of strong sunlight, in addition to exposure to the sun, any heat treatment of the hair will further damage your hair, so it is necessary to avoid the use of heat-setting products.

Focus on night care: Just like applying a mask before going to bed, we can apply oil on the dry areas of the hair before going to bed, not only can increase the luster and suppleness of the hair on the surface, but also penetrate deep into the hair and repair Dry damaged hair. After applying and grooming your hair, you can wrap all your hair in a towel to sleep, so that your pillowcase can be kept clean and tidy. After waking up in the morning, the hair will be extraordinarily shiny, soft and smooth.

Hot oil rinse: Good hair care between each haircut can help maintain the texture and shine of the hair. While hair care products contain ingredients that keep your hair in good condition, applying a coconut oil, olive oil or jojoba oil to your hair for a hot oil treatment will give your hair a healthy glow. When washing your hair, use a coconut oil to massage your hair from start to finish, then rinse as usual to make your hair feel softer and moisturized immediately.

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