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Super Fashion hairstyle for holiday

13 Nov 2018 0 Comments
Super Fashion hairstyle for holiday

Why do we all like holidays? After working for a long time, we can finally relax our tired body and spirit. We can also enjoy leisure family time with our family, talk to friends who have not seen for a long time, and eat a lot of delicious food. Then, going out with a beautiful hairstyle and makeup can make our mood more exciting. No matter what occasion, you must have a beautiful and beautiful appearance, do the most charming existence, can't wait to enjoy your holiday.


First of all, you have to grab the loose hair on your head, but remember that the hair should not be too clean, the hair on both sides should cover 2/3 of the ear slightly, and some hair should be reserved to modify the face shape, so that the horsetail should not be too much. Hard and rigid.

To tie such a casual low-tailed scorpion, the difference between the average scorpion and the scorpion is that the number of hairs you divide is not equal, and the amount of hair on both sides is more, leaving less hair in the middle.

The left and right hairs are placed casually underneath the bundle of hair and tied together with a small head rope. Leave less hair bundles in the middle.

Pulling the hair on the surface is a little fluffy. Is it very simple? It can be completed in three minutes after getting up in the morning and then go out beautifully.

This glamorous vintage hairstyle has a very strong sensory impact.

Draw the top U area, layer the hair and brush the hair roots; then pull up the two hairs near the outside of the U area, and comb the middle of the hair to make the top of the head look fuller. A low ponytail is taken and a bundle of hair is taken from the upper part of the pony tail.

A fluffy, elegant yet sexy hairstyle is born!

If you want your hair to look casual but not messy, then this hairstyle is the best choice! Put your hair in the back of the head, then comb the hair into a fluffy shackle, so that each hair is tailed Hide it, then comb it with your fingers to make your hair fluffy.

Tie the hair into a low ponytail braided, then flip it over from the top of the pony tail, then flip it all the way until the hair becomes a bun, fix the hair with a small clip, thus completing a simple atmosphere and suitable hairstyle for vacation.
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