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VSHOW HAIR 2022 Tax Season Sale -- Up To 60% Off!

23 Feb 2022 0 Comments
VSHOW HAIR 2022 Tax Season Sale -- Up To 60% Off!

2022 tax filing season begins Jan. 24. When we receive the tax refund, what should we do? Shopping for sure! That’s the nature of all women! How long has it been since your last shopping? Black Friday sale and Christmas sale are long past. It’s time to get some new hair for 2022! Now VSHOW HAIR has something special for y’all, 60% off sitewide!


Use these codes to save money when you purchase.

Code “TRS15”, $15 Off (No limit)

Code “TRS30”, $30 Off Over $199

Code “TRS45”, $45 Off Over $299

Code “TRS75”, $75 Off Over $499


Moreover, you can save more money on color bob wigs! Code “CBOB20”, enjoy 50% off + $20 off! It’s so affordable!

Spring flowers in full bloom, it’s colorful! There is freshness and vitality in the landscape and that is the same sense that you get from the people of the Spring season. Spring hair color ranges from pale blonde to dark brunette, but the tone tends to be warm. For blondes this  means golden, caramel, or strawberry blonde. Although brunette hair often doesn’t read very warm, dark haired Springs will often have naturally warm highlights when they’ve been in the sun.  As they gray, Springs tend to have gray or white hair with a yellow cast, which can read a brilliant blonde and look wonderful! 


Also, you can enjoy an extra discount for the HD lace wigs. Code “HDLACE15”, extra 15% off!

Why is HD lace better?

HD lace is a new lace material that is more light, soft and delicate and looks more transparent than normal lace, which can melt into our skin more perfectly, which makes the hairline more invisible. 


Trendy skunk stripe hair wigs save $30, code “SS30”.

We have blonde skunk stripe hair wig, red skunk stripe hair wig and pink skunk stripe hair wig. The trend recently went viral on Tik Tok and to be honest, it’s cute AF. 


Super long 32”-40” wigs, cut $80 off, code “LONG80”.

Why you must have a long hair wig?

First things first, women who have long hair, they look effortlessly gorgeous. They do not have to put in any efforts, just let down them long silky locks and they are ready to go.


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