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How do wigs stay cool in summer?

14 Jun 2022 0 Comments
How do wigs stay cool in summer?

There are various advantages of wearing a wig as it secures your natural hair from damage. Particularly it protects hair from heat, hairdo, styling and coloring, and it is an actual method to change your appearance entirely. But it’s summer time and too hot outside. How do wigs stay cool? You don’t have to give up wearing your precious wig in the summer, just follow my tips on how to wear a wig in the summer and stay cool.

  1. Ditch the styling tools

Using hairdryers, straighteners, and curling wands in hot weather will not only make you overheat, it will really dry out your wig, whether it’s made from synthetic or human hair. Wigs don’t have the benefit of being replenished by our scalp’s natural oils and so they can easily dry out with repeated styling over time.

  1. Avoid touching your wig all the time

Your wig might make you feel gorgeous and confident, but if you keep playing with it, you’ll deposit the oils and sweat from your hands into your wig and it can end up looking greasy and weighed down.

  1. Buy a no-sweat wig liner

These magical wig accessories are ventilated and allow air to circulate under your wig. Not only that, they stop sweat getting in to your wig cap. 

  1. Choose the right wig color

Dark colour absorb more heat. Ever wondered why it always feels stifling hot when you wear your gorgeous black wig? That’s why. Try switching your wig colour to a slightly lighter shade. Similarly, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and lavender absorb less heat in that order. If you don’t fancy these bold colors, no need to worry, you can wear a shade of brown too it can make all the difference.

  1. Wash your wig

Oils, sweat, and products can build up in your wig in the summer, just as they do in natural hair. Make sure you wash it regularly to make sure it doesn’t get any more sweaty and heavy than it needs to.

  1. Use a mint-based shampoo

Using a shampoo that has peppermint as an active ingredient is ideal before wearing wigs. The peppermint will leave a cooling sensation on your scalp even when wearing wigs.

  1. Choose the right wig length

short wig for hot days would work if you change your style around on a daily basis. There are so many fabulous, short wig styles for summer to choose from, including sleek bobs, textured pixie cuts and wavy lobs. Or, how about a style that’s shoulder length or longer, so you can put it up in a loose ponytail or messy up-do?

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