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How to Install Full Lace Wigs Without glue

12 Apr 2019 0 Comments
How to Install Full Lace Wigs Without glue

For full lace human hair wig, these types of wigs are made using complete lace. As compared to front lace wigs, these are more expensive because it takes longer to make. However, it is the best wig for versatility.Properly putting on a wig ensures a comfortable, natural new look and style.

So,How to Install Full Lace Wig without glue?

First you need to prepare something to apply a full lace wig:

Wig clips, knitting needles and threads, hair clips

Step 1:Turn your full lace wig inside out. Pull the hair on the wig into a ponytail or place a clamp around it so that it doesn’t get in the way when you start to sewing the wig clips on to the unit.

Step 2: Use a thread similar to the color of the hair on the wig to pass through the knitting needle so that the wig is less noticeable.Grab one of the wigs and place the bottom of the clip in the middle of the bottom of the wig. Make sure the teeth on the clip are facing you.

Step 3: Insert the knitting needle under the lace wig and then through the hole in the clip. Move to the next hole and insert the clip into the hole, then pass the wig down. Repeat this process until each hole on each full lace wig clip is sewn.

Step 4: Place another wig clip 3 inches from the clip you just sewed onto the entire lace wig. Repeat the same steps above to secure the clip to the lace cap of the full lace wig.

Step 5: Turn the full lace wig to the right side about one inch and fix the other wig clip in this position. Repeat the same steps for the left side of the wig. Do not install any clips in front of the wig as it will appear around your hairline and be noticeable.

Step 6: Flip the wig back to the correct position and place it on the head. Insert the wig clips into the hair to secure the wig in place. Remove the hairpin from the wig and design your wig to your liking. This procedure is similar to attaching a lace front wig.


Most wigs have elastic or Velcro straps on the back to help hold them in place. Tighten or loosen these straps as needed to make the headgear feel safe and comfortable.

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