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Spring&Summer Haircolor Inspiration

24 Apr 2019 0 Comments
Spring&Summer Haircolor Inspiration

The weather is getting warmer and warmer. Everyone must be happy when looking the sprouts, There is no obvious trend in hairstyle this spring, but there is a big breakthrough in hair color. As if you don't dye your hair, you will not catch up with the popular look. It’s time to say goodbye to the deep hair color of winter, and change the color to the fresh and bright spring color.

Icy blonde

We have seen a lot of platinum blondes, even going grey. This golden shadow is more neutral and powdery, and the bottom is more inclined to beautiful light blue. A very flattering look, perfect for hot weather.

Warm honey

It used to be a frosty shades of brown, but now we see lighter brown highlights on the brown hair. Honey blonde highlights are perfect for those who want to illuminate their hair with stylish colors.

Lovely pink

It’s no surprise that pink has a place on the list again this year, but for 2019 we’re mixing in a little orange for a lovely coral shade. Works equally well in a vibrant, bold hue and a lighter pastel.

Sexy red

Emma Stone or Poision Ivy? Natural shades of red and bolder hues are both making a comeback in 2019! Most reds will be a hit for those who dare. Why not a gorgeous, dark and mystical burgundy?

Natural black

There is no doubt that most people will choose black that is cautious and error-free. Whenever black hair is full of charm, it is suitable for most occasions. The charm of black hair is mostly due to its self-confidence.

Light blue

It can be a challenging look, but once you’ve achieved it, it’s so flattering, especially if you have darker skin with warm undertones. We recommended a black color bomb, a moisturizing mask and tons of hair oil to get your shine on!

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