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How to make the lob shape sexy and cute

12 Sep 2018 0 Comments
How to make the lob shape sexy and cute

Recently, the lob style is very popular, and it has become popular in all major fashion circles. This hairstyle has the same magical power as a black hole. The goddesses of different skin colors, different face types and different hair colors are very much preferred. It seems that it can't keep up with the times without leaving this shape. The length of the long and short looks looks very full, and the modern fluffy curvature, the whole shape reveal a messy sexy beauty, but also play the role of age reduction.

Let's see how to create a sexy and cute lob hair.

  1. you can spray a lightweight mousse on your hair first. You need to make sure that it is evenly distributed. If necessary, you can use a brush to comb the hair. This will prevent your hair from being too dry to shape.


  1. First divide the hair into three horizontal sections, and then curl each section in different directions. Use a barrel curler to curl the back away from the face.


  1. Clip up the next part of the upper part, curl it forward, curl it in the direction of the face, turn the left part back, curl away from the face, and do the same on the other side.


  1. Add a layer of lightweight hairspray to give your hair just enough support so that the dry mousse will give you all the heat you need.


  1. Let your hands pass freely through the hair, you will start to see a messy and beautiful texture appear, then you can apply some moisturizing oil or moisturizer at the end of the hair to make the whole shape more texture,You can also add some spray if you need it.


This tutorial can help those who have always wanted to try to cut short hair, but also those who have cut the lob head but can't style it everyday. If you decide to try this tutorial, you will love it.

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