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The top way to care for hair

11 Sep 2018 0 Comments
The top way to care for hair

VSHOW's hair is made from 100% pure human hair. During the production process, we try to keep its scales from being damaged. If you can care for it carefully, it can be reused and can last for a long time.

Our products are natural hair, that is, it can be processed like human hair, but we do not guarantee that it will not undergo chemical changes after purchase, if you need to bleach it, hot dye treatment We strongly recommend that you choose the help of a professional hair stylist. It is best to experiment with a small part of it to test whether the hair is resistant to such chemicals.


Here are some tips for daily hair care

The frequency of shampooing is preferably once a week.

Before shampooing, use a wig brush to smooth the hair along the hair texture.

It is best to use a shampoo no higher than PH7, which minimizes damage to the hair.

Rinse the wig with warm water and use your fingers to pass it through, which will prevent it from knotting.

When you clean your hair, be sure to remove all chemicals such as shampoo and conditioner from your hair.

If you have time, it is best to use salon care because they are more professional.


Do not pile your hair on top of your head while shampooing. Treat your hair like you treat your delicate laundry. Be gentle with your hair. It is recommended to wash it slowly according to the texture of your hair so that your hair will not be easily knotted.

Don't sleep with wet hair.

Rinse the hair thoroughly, squeeze excess water and dry the hair. Do not rub the hair hard.

For different shapes such as curls and straight hair, please dry and shape according to the stylist's recommendations.

Please consult your stylist for the best sleep care for your hair style, such as tying up two twists to keep the shape from deforming ,and unwind it when you wake up.


Although the hair extension uses real human hair, it does not directly obtain nutrients from the scalp. Therefore, please use as little as possible a hair dryer, a hair curler and other tools that may shorten the life of the hair.

If you use hair gels or other styling products, these products will accumulate on your hair. We strongly recommend that you perform a deep cleansing of your hair every month to eliminate the damage caused by the retention of these chemicals on your hair.


We recommend that you tie your hair into a braided shape before going to bed to hold it so that it doesn't get messy when you get out of bed and can't make it.

After you exercise and swim, please wash your hair immediately to avoid hair and knots caused by dirt and sweat.

I hope to refer to the above suggestions to make your daily style more smooth and refined, and to extend the life of your hair as long as possible.

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