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Popular hair color in winter 2018

15 Oct 2018 0 Comments
Popular hair color in winter 2018

Autumn has come, so will winter be far behind? For women who love beauty, it is time to prepare for a new hair color. So what color is popular this winter, we can take a look together:

This year, the black hair has a tendency to return, but if you don't want black, you can choose this kind of blue-gray tone that shines when it is illuminated by the sun, like the moonlight black that is covered by the moon. At first glance, it seems that there is no hair dye, but it can present a sly and dreamy level, while a low-key can show a unique style.

This winter's light orange hair must be a good choice. The hair color is very clear and can create a rosy and good color. The obvious color is also very friendly to all the skin of the sister paper. It can easily help to lighten the skin, match the shoulder hair style, and rub one side of the hair to the ear. The asymmetry is beautiful, and at the same time it is very fashionable.

When the pink is lively and sweet on the hair, it has a different look on the clothes. Many models and artists have also had a variety of shades of pink hair, soft pink color can be very charming and temperament, but also looks lively and lovely, can be a good age.

The blue hair color is eye-catching, and it is very distinctive at first glance. It is like a beautiful painting, and like a beautiful starry sky, it can bring people a mysterious and sexy temperament, giving people a kind of Mature, hair color crystal clear, very cute. A good choice, isn’t it?

The red maple leaf is also very textured on the hair. Enthusiastic red hair and cheerful smile, the whole person is full of vitality, full of affinity, sucking powder in minutes~~ and a red hair is also very able to enhance the gas field, the whole person's temperament has become very different, is the most dyed hair Good choice.

The gentle and casual purple is also very suitable for this winter. When a gentle purple hair goes there, it will emit an icy sci-fi feeling, and it is proud of its temperament. It is very capable of improving the gas field, allowing you to transform into a fashionista in minutes, and is also very suitable for the cold atmosphere of winter.

Come on to pink the popular hair you want.

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