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What is worth buying at VSHOWHAIR on Halloween

28 Oct 2018 0 Comments
What is worth buying at VSHOWHAIR on Halloween

Halloween is only once a year and must be celebrated. One of the fun of Halloween is to hang some scary decorations outside your house to scare those who plan to knock on the door. When the night falls, light up the lights and welcome all the ghosts and elves with a new home. In some horrible soundtracks, these little guys giggled, both afraid and excited to knock on the door, shouting, " Trick or treat"

Halloween is also beautiful to dress up. Let’s do hairstyle.

Peruvian Water Wave wig

Sexy romantic water wave Long curly hair is one of the most popular hair styles. It not only can easily shape the goddess temperament, but also has a stylish personality. The water wave wig design makes the long hair no longer monotonous but more temperament, while the curly hair on both sides Arc can not only be able to face and face, but also highlight the pure and sweet temperament, very delicate.

Brazilian Bob water wave wig

As a model of short-term hair, Bob's head can be both romantic and handsome, and it is more convenient and worry-free than long hair and short hair. With a subtle and obvious curl, the face is not so feminine. The neat silhouette is cut along and looks very versatile.


Brazilian kinky curly bundles

A kinky curly long hair with a small fresh temperament, moderate hair volume and a fluffy effect. The bangs on the forehead are all combed together, highlighting the delicate face of the face, with the curling curl on both sides of the shoulder. It looks like a full-bodied personality!

Peruvian straight hair bundles

A black long straight is the standard of the goddess. It is not too elegant to be scattered on the shoulders. It is very temperament, and then put on a lively half ponytail hairstyle. The hair below is scattered freely, lazy and temperament, ponytail. He is also playful and smart, and turns into a lively student girl in minutes.

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