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What should I do for the first time picking a wig?

11 Sep 2018 0 Comments
What should I do for the first time picking a wig?

Are you tired of your own hair and want to try different styles? As a newcomer to picking wigs, do you hesitate about colors and styles, how can you pick a wig that is easy for you to wear and easy to care? This is the problem we will analyze next.

Wig shape selection

When you choose a wig at first, you definitely want to try a very unique style that is different from others, but we still strongly recommend that you choose a style that you are familiar with, which will make it easier for you to adapt, and the daily care will be more convenient, when you later more and more familiar with wearing wigs, you will slowly find the style that suits you best.

Find your cap size

The average size of the wig is often suitable for most customers, but you will find that many wigs will have adjustable straps. To determine the right size for your wig, please measure the front of the head at home, from behind the ear. Behind the ear, the back of the neck to the other ear, and then back to the front hairline. Write down your measurements and look up the form to get the most suitable size

Hair color

Like hair styling, the first time someone wearing a wig wants to choose a bold and unrestrained color, we strongly recommend that you choose a color that is not too different from your hair color, which will give you an adaptive buffer time, you should choose a color that is not much different from the natural color, or choose a color in a color system to slowly find the color that best suits your hair.


Hair density

The hair density is the thickness of the hair. You can choose different thickness according to your preference. If you want thick hair, you can choose a hair with a relatively high density. It needs to be thinner or thicker. You can also contact us for customization.


Lace Color

Match the lace color to the color of your head, not the skin tone. This is because when you separate your hair, you want it to show your natural scalp color. So check your scalp color, separate your hair, look at the color of your scalp to determine your lace color, and if you have any questions, you can contact us to pick.

Cap Construction

We have two types of cap construction, lace front and full lace.

The lace front wig has a layer of transparent lace on the front edge of the unit that is cut off before being installed on the head. Lace anterior wigs provide the illusion of a natural hairline. The bottom of the lace front wig is not made of lace, it can only be a free part of the front lace.

The bottom of the full lace wig is made entirely of lace, unlike the lace front wig. It can achieve free separation on the entire wig. So in general, full lace wigs are more versatile than lace front wigs because they can wear different hairstyles. The price of this full lace wig is also higher than the lace front wig. But for everyday wear, we recommend that you choose a full lace wig because it is more natural than a lace front wig and is more convenient to make.

I hope you can refer to these to choose the wig that is best for you to wear.

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